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Aesis launch Sales price lists module for Openbravo POS

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 7 oct 2010, 7:58 por Darvin A   [ actualizado el 18 ene 2011, 20:14 por Darvin Avelar Otero ]
This new functionality based on Openbravo POS which lets you assign different prices for each item and assign each client a list of prices or default rates. A product can have "N" depending on tariff prices.

Allows you to assign different prices for each product and assign a price list or tariff to each customer. Prices are managed based on this powerful system of unlimited price lists, which can encode prices, according to different conditions and be based on purchase price, sale price or sale price with tax. The price lists can be active or not during a period of time as required by the administrator.

For example you can define sales of products by different channels or specific interests with different prices, for example:
Grades wholesalers or distributors.
Catalog sales.
"Employees" prices list
"Students" prices list
"Partner"  prices list
We can handle unlimited unlimited price lists and conditions for these price lists, for example you can define a discount price list "students" with three types of discounts or rules as follows:
  • 10% Discount Hardware Products category.
  • 20% discount on products from the Computer Accessories category.
  • And a 50% discount (half price) for any specific item.

Discounts or price lists can be made either by a percentage or fixed amount.